Optimal Focus Photography by Beth Young

Welcome to Optimal Focus Photography!

My true passion lies in capturing uplifting and soothing photographic images of nature that are as therapeutic for me to take as I hope they are for you to view.

I am always adding new images and announcements, so please remember to check back periodically, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to show interest in my photographic work, it is tremendously appreciated!


Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

February 2020

The calla lilies that grow along a small stretch of Doud Creek in Garrapata State Park in Big Sur have become a very popular spot in the spring, so if you decide to visit, please exercise caution and respect when visiting these delicate beauties, and be mindful of poison oak and sticky mud! This composition is typically better as a vertical image, but I’ve had this horizontal version sitting on the old hard drive waiting for post-processing for quite a while, and decided it made a great image for this month’s free desktop calendar wallpaper!


I'm excited to join the Slow Photography Movement as one of their core contributors, a platform for those that share a slow and meaningful approach to photography.

I'm looking forward to sharing my passion and narrative behind the images I take and the experiences I have taking them!


Did you know that Optimal Focus Photography can print large scale, wall size photos, some as big as 25 feet large?

This is just one installation at Kaiser Permanente Modesto Medical Center featuring local images from California's Central Valley. More examples can be found here.

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